CrashAid Gives You The Shortest Path To System Recovery And Tells You How Long It Will Take To Get There

Because Recovery Time is Precious Time.

Getting your system up and running in hours rather than days can mean a saving of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Frances, Gilders . . . Therefore, you must have a recovery plan in place that is efficient as well as effective. Implementing CrashAid from PAE as an integral part of your disaster recovery plan will enable you to rebuild the system with ease and efficiency after a disk failure.

CrashAid provides a comprehensive set of guidelines, instructions and pertinent data to ease your journey to full system recovery. Unlike conventional recovery commands, CrashAid tells you where you're going, what to do to get there, what tools you'll need, and how far you have left to go before full system recovery is achieved.

CrashAid is designed to prepare you for a disk crash by giving you the tools and instructions you will need to get your system up in no time. Because a speedy recovery is so important, we've designed a feature to let you know exactly where you stand in the recovery process. With this unique feature, question such as "What percent has been recovered?" will no longer be left unanswered.

Knowledgeable Answers

Has your boss asked you, how long before we get the system up? Would it nice to inform him/her on the number of hours/minutes left in the rebuilding process!

Education and Training Staff

CrashAid is the only disaster recovery product to give you the ability to run in simulation mode so you can test your ability to get through a disaster before it actually occurs. 95% of the staff at the average AS/400 installation does NOT have training in disaster recovery. CrashAid can TEACH your staff so rebuilding an AS/400 will be just like having a cup of coffee.

CrashAid is a software tool which aids the AS/400 manager in rebuilding the system after a disk failure or any other kind of disaster. CrashAid handles all of the items listed below with ease. CrashAid can work in conjunction with Librarian/438, our tape management system. However, CrashAid will work with or without any tape management system. Tape management is NOT needed for this product to function. It just sits in the background and watches you execute your saves. It is not the most exciting product during normal operations. However, the day a disaster arrives, CrashAid is ready to go to work an provide you with a smooth rebuilding process.

During a disaster recovery test at a Hot Site, a client was asked what is the one thing that you dislike the most about CrashAid? The answer amazed me, "It is very boring! CrashAid has taken all the mystery and excitement out of a disaster. I just sat and read a magazine while CrashAid did my work. It is even taking the mystery out of going to RISC."

CrashAid has effectively upgraded companies to the AS/400 RISC PowerPC platform, release V4R3, V4R2, V4R1, V3R7 and V3R6 of OS/400.

Most difficult tasks in rebuilding a system after a disk failure:

Some of the main features listed below are:

Ability to set priorities and restore libraries within a day of the week sequence.

Ability to restore all ASPs or individual ASPs when rebuilding the system.

Ability to rebuild journals and journal receivers.

Ability to rebuild the system configuration, which is more accurate than SAVSYS volumes.

Ability to keep tape handling to a minimum, thus optimizing time in the rebuilding process.

Ability to select which SAV*s will be tracked for recovery.

Notification of ASPs that overflow.

Notification of journals and journal receivers that are not part of the restore strategy.

Notification of libraries that are missing from restore strategy.

Notification of when the recovery strategy does not contain current SAV* volumes.

Library exposure analysis.

Ability to customize library exposure analysis.

Produces a printed report after each SAV* which indicates the restore sequence in the event of a crash.

Prompting the QSECOFR for which volumes to load during the rebuilding process.

Existing CL programs will interface with CrashAid.

No set up time needed.

Restore commands are filled out automatically.

Other information

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