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Subject: Press Release for Immediate Release

Product: Guillotine, Release 6



Companies are concerned about backing up their systems as fast as possible.  Guillotine will reduce the amount of time it takes to save by load balancing the saves to ensure proper distribution of libraries to tape.  Guillotines major function is to giving the system back as soon as possible. 

Chop Save times by 1/2, 3/4, 2/3  using Guillotine!

Guillotine will give you the ability to cut the amount of time to save dramatically.  If time is of concern, Guillotine will provides:




Guillotine will CHOP, CHOP  time from your Nightly, Weekly NONSYS/ALLUSR saves by  1/2-3/4.    One client’s NONSYS took 17 hours, Chop, Chop down to 7 hours. 


Another  ALLUSR took 4.5 hours; Chop, Chop down to 1.41.  Nightly saves CHOP CHOP.  Guillotine reduces save time, Chop, Chop.  Use Guillotine in conjunction with  SmartCommand (SMTCMD); save the entire system unattended, Chop Chop.  Guillotine uses the most efficient load balancing system.  No other tape management system on the market today is as efficient and FAST.


Remember, PC/Acceleator went CHOP CHOP to CISC to RISC upgrades reducing object conversion 80-90% over the Road Map.  Enjoy saves money and time.   (978) 744-8612 or (800) 869-8612.  Email: PETERHOCSR@CS.COM, WWW.PAEINC.COM