Intelligent Storage Management (V1R3)

Reduce object size by 60-97.7%

Intelligent Storage Management (ISM)could reduce object size down to 10% of original size and some times even lower. This facility reduces storage of seldom-used objects by Compression and Decompression into the popular .zip format. This can be a useful way to distribute Objects/Files/Libraries from your AS/400. Intelligent Storage Management will allow you to simply archive seldom-used objects. If the object is needed, ISM will dynamically and instantaneously return the object back to its original size and format. Compressed files can be attached to E-mail and sent to anyone. Intelligent Storage Management also has the ability to decompress any .zip file directly on your AS/400. Any types of IFS objects or AS/400 data can be compressed to reduce online storage requirements.


Additional features of ISM:


ISM documentation HTML Version. Revised 10/10/01. MOST Current Documentation

Download an Actual Report created on Clients System. See the results that were achieved. You will be amazed.

Note: You must be logged onto your AS/400 with a User profile with the proper authority. You also might try mapping a drive to the PAE directory on the AS/400. This will save you time since you can download directly onto the AS/400.

Click here to download 30 day trial version. This will bring you to the download page.

Download a Demo Only of ISM. Demo will show the amount of storage ISM can save you if installed. This will bring you to the download page. The demo will only review the objects on your system and make a estimate of how much storage can be saved. Then a report will be produced displaying these estimates. Amount of storage saved is only an estimate based on previous compression results.

Note: You must have the QShell Interpreter to use this product. Click here to download it.


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