Intelligent Storage Management (ISM)

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This Demo will install a few programs onto your system. The command PAEDEMO/ARCHIVERPT will produce a report on the possible reduction in storarge that could take place if you used the ISM.

It is IMPORTANT that you go to: and print the documentation that is available about Intelligent Storage Management and our ZIP product PAEZIP. Have the demo without reading the documentation might not be as meaningful.

To Download a demo, print the following instructions and click on download below:

1. Save this file to your PC or AS/400 IFS.

2. Create the directory PAE in the IFS, (i.e. CRTDIR PAE); then unzip the file PAEDEMO.SVF and save to /PAE/PAEDEMO.SVF on the AS/400.

3. Create a save file on AS/400, (i.e. CRTSAVF SAVF(QGPL/PAEDEMO). Now do: CRTLIB PAEDEMO.

4. CPYFRMSTMF FROMSTMF('/pae/PAEDEMO.svf') TOMBR('qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/PAEDEMO.file')


To complete installation



2. Enter the command, PAEDEMO/ARCHIVERPT, press F4 to prompt. Only use OPTION(*REPORT). In the Mindays and Minsize use values that you would like. It is best to try 90 days and 1,000,000 for a size then adjust as you see fit. Report can be run multiple times with different values. You could also try 180 days and 10,000,000 as values. To get a good indication of the amount of storage that could be saved, try multiple values in both fields. It is recommended that PAEDEMO/ARCHIVERPT be put into the IBM job scheduler and run in the evening when there are more resources available. Basically, it will just go out and collect data about your system. The bigger the system the longer it will take to collect all the data. Notice the dramatic savings of disk space for the objects.


3. Follow the instructions as presented.

Note: You must be logged onto your AS/400 with a User profile with the proper authority. You also might try mapping a drive to the PAE directory on the AS/400. This will save you time since you can download directly onto the AS/400.

Click here to start the download


Note: You must have the QShell Interpreter to use this product. Click here to download it.


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