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Many companies use INZTAP every evening when doing saves. The general rule to follow with INZTAP: Media should only be, initialized when media is brand NEW; just out of the box. Why? Every time media is used, the media gets weaker. The weaker the media, the more chances of having a media error, ugh! Media should ONLY be intialized ONCE! INZTAP can blow away a valuable media in just seconds and the 400 has NO way of getting data back.
Sequence Number
INZTAP is frequently used to overcome the "Active File" messages so a saved library can go to be beginning of the media, when starting a save. Instead of INZTAP, use SEQNBR(1) for a parm in SAV* command. This will put the saved library(object) at the beginning of the tape. Consider using this parm with the CLEAR parm.
Taking the IBM default of SEQNBR(*END) is one of the biggest causes of problems with media. *END says to put the saved objects at the end of the media. This should NEVER be used unless the save being processed has the same expiration date and the save (s) before it. Never, Never put multiple saves on the same media with a different expiration date. If you do, you might loose the data.
Consider when to use the CLEAR parm! If you use CLEAR(*ALL) the entire contents of the tape starting at that sequence number will be written over. If there are active files, you will NOT be notified of the active files. ****Dangerous if NOT used correctly****. Usually, the CLEAR parm is only used on the first save to a media which is usually to SEQNBR(1). If you want to be safe and not write of active files, make CLEAR(*NONE). This means that if there is a active file on the sequence number, you are writing to. QSYSOPR will receive and active files message in this situation.

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