Companies are concerned about backing up their systems as fast as possible. Guillotine will reduce the amount of time it takes to execute a SAVLIB by load balancing the saves to ensure proper distribution of libraries to tape. Guillotine's major function is to giving the system back as soon as possible. Chop SAVLIB time by 1/2, 3/4 or 2/3 using Guillotine! Guillotine will give you the ability to cut the amount of time to save dramatically. If time is of concern, Guillotine will provides:



Guillotine will CHOP, CHOP time from your Nightly, Weekly SAVLIBs plus *NONSYS/*ALLUSR saves by 1/2 to 3/4. One client's NONSYS took 17 hours, Chop, Chop down to 7 hours.

Another ALLUSR took 4.5 hours; Chop, Chop down to 1.41. Nightly saves CHOP CHOP. Guillotine reduces save time, Chop, Chop. Use Guillotine in conjunction with SmartCommand (SMTCMD); save the entire system unattended, Chop Chop. Guillotine uses the most efficient load balancing system. No other tape management system on the market today is as efficient and FAST.

Remember, PC/Accelerator went CHOP CHOP to CISC to RISC upgrades reducing object conversion 80-90% over the Road Map. Enjoy saves money and time. (978) 744-8612 or (800) 869-8612.

THE GUILLOTINE is broken down into three functions:

SAVFs Used Executing a NONSYS

Most tape drives are slower writing to tape than writing to a disk. Therefore, when doing a *NONSYS/*ALLUSR you can key in a device of SAVF. The name of the SAVF will be the name of the library. The SAVF will be located in the library PAE_NONSYS. After the *NONSYS/*ALLUSR has finished, users will be able to sign on to the AS/400. Then, save the library PAE_NONSYS which has the SAVFs in it. Users can be active on the system during the saving of the PAENONSYS library. There has to be sufficient free disk space to handle SAVFs.

Definition of Concurrent

Concurrent is when two or more SAVLIBs are executed at once. A concurrent Guillotine save; saves libraries to more than one device at the same time.

Number of Concurrent Devices

The number of concurrent devices is determined by the number of devices entered in the device parm on the SAVLIB command. Up to 4 devices can be used.

SAVLIB *NONSYS/*ALLUSR/Nightly SAVLIB Concurrent Processing option

For Users with multiple off-line storage devices, SAVLIB LIB(*NONSYS/*ALLUSR/Nightly SAVLIB) can be split up among these devices to decrease the time the save takes.

SAVLIB LIB(A* B* C* PAE*) Concurrent Processing Generic

For Users with multiple off-line storage devices, SAVLIB using generic list of libraries can also be used with the Guillotine.


Virtual processing is the ability to save one library while the system is processing another library in memory. The speed of virtual processing using one tape drive is dependent on the amount of memory available. Ability to do a modified *ALLUSR by providing generic* library names to split up the *ALLUSR into parts so as to reduce the window for the save.


The amount of time saved using THE GUILLOTINE is dependent on the number of tape devices used and the processor used. Below is a estimation of the amount of time saved. Remember, these are estimates and will vary between system model and kind of tape drives. If you use Save While Active, the amount of time saved should increase over the percentages listed below.




Down time costs money. A typical company loses $30,000 an day in down time. Computer operators overtime costs Dollars, Gliders, Pounds or Francs. Using THE GUILLOTINE will prove to be extremely cost effective by cutting down time on a *NONSYS\*ALLUSR or Nightly/Weekly SAVLIBs.


Using THE GUILLOTINE and multiple tape drives protects you hardware investment. If your backup window is unacceptable because libraries have grown bigger, don't purchase a faster tape drive. Add an additional tape drive to your configuration, thus protecting your investment up to 4 tape drives.


It has long been known that multiple tape drives can reduce the backup time required. IBM mentions this in the Backup and Recovery guide but it is not fully explained. The premise used by THE GUILLOTINE; the more tape drives used for a backup, the faster the backup will execute. There are limitations on the amount of time saved based on the following:

PAE uses some of the free disk space to temporarily store data which is currently being VIRTUALLY saved.

Remember, THE GUILLOTINE will save your company valuable hours saving your system, regardless if you have 1 tape drive or more! Here are some examples:

NONSYS saving the traditional method, 27 hours, Guillotine method=9 hours

Another NONSYS saving the traditional method, 17 hours, Guillotine method=7 hours

You can do your saves the old fashion way or the Guillotine way. Do you want to SAVE time or WASTE time?

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