Librarian/438 Tape Management

Today, your enterprise is only as safe as the data it depends on. It's only as productive as the system that stores, protects and manages that critical information. Librarian/438 has a wide range of enhancements that protect and manage AS/400 data.

Disaster Recovery

Librarian's CrashAid give you a dependable, tested set of tools and procedures to ensure fast, complete recovery from catastrophic failures. With CrashAid, you can even model your recovery process to verify both your policies and your recovery times.

Data and Library Management


Librarian/438 lets you develop customized backup strategies built around the way you work. With Librarian as your tape management system, you'll improve the efficiency of your back-up tasks.

Guillotine, part of Librarian, cuts up to 72 percent off your NONSYS/ALLUSR backups, keeping your backup window to a minimum and giving back more system time for business applications in today's 24X7 business environment. Guillotine can also help you solve your nightly and weekly saves by reducing your save window.

System Automation

SmartCommand (SMTCMD) automates the performance of many of your backup tasks, in or out of restricted state, taking the drudgery out of AS/400 management.

Librarian with SMTCMD - a Powerful Force for Data Management

Proven in over 2,500 sites worldwide, Librarian SaveApplication methodology lets you save all parts of an application with a single command, no matter what library they're in. You'll reduce dangerous errors in backup processes and improve the efficiency of your tape library management.

Librarian lets you decide what approach you want to use to handle your backups. Use Librarian alone, use existing CL programs, or use a combination of both. It is up to you. You are the boss not a software program.

With SMTCMD, Librarian becomes even more powerful. SMTCMD automates a variety of essential but repetitive tasks, such as loading PTF cum tapes, performing reclaim functions or complete system saves. With SMTCMD you can have lights-out operation for your data management tasks.

CrashAid's unique restore algorithm optimizes tape usage, cutting down tape handling and reducing time needed to rebuild the system. With CrashAid, even the most difficult tasks, such as locating necessary volumes, restoring journals before physical files, and synchronizing libraries are all handled expertly.


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