PAEZIP Compression Utility (V7R2)


This facility will allow you to Compress/Decompress files to the popular .zip format. This can be a useful way to distribute Objects/Files/Libraries from your AS/400. PAEZIP will allow you to simply take a Save file from the AS/400, compress it and place on your AS/400 IFS in .zip format. It can then be attached to an e-mail and sent to anyone. All they need to decompress it is PKZIP available at no cost from PKware. PAEZIP also has the ability to Decompress any .zip file directly on your AS/400 with no User intervention. Any types of IFS objects or AS/400 data can be compressed to reduce online storage requirements. Additional features:

Review the PAEZIP command documentation

To Download a free trial, print the following instructions and click on download below:

NOTE: When downloading use pae%029f8f9 as the User name and Paeinc44 as the password (case must match).

1. Save this file to your PC or AS/400 IFS.

a. V6R1.

b. V5R4 and lower.

2. Create the directory PAE in the IFS, (i.e. CRTDIR PAE); then unzip the file PAEZIP.SAV and save to /PAE/PAEZIP.SAV on the AS/400.

3. Create a save file on AS/400, (i.e. CRTLIB SHPINGLIBS and CRTSAVF FILE(SHPINGLIBS/PAEZIP).

4. CPYFRMSTMF FROMSTMF('/pae/paezip.sav') TOMBR('/qsys.lib/shpinglibs.lib/paezip.file')


To complete installation (all releases)


2. Enter the command, QTEMP/SETUPZIP DEVICE(*SAVF)

3. Follow the instructions as presented.

Note: You must be logged onto your AS/400 with a User profile with QSECOFR authority. You must have the QShell Interpreter.



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