PAE Inc. was incorporated in 1975. We started working on the S/38 when it was first announced. In 1982, we wrote the first dynamic tuning system (Charlie the Tuner) for the S/38. Since then, PAE has installed Charlie the Tuner on over 9,000 S/38s and AS/400s. In 1984, PAE created the first tape management system (Librarian/438). 7,500 copies of Librarian/438 have been installed.

In 1997, PAE created PC/Accelerator for the PowerPC. This product has helped managers drastically reduce the upgrade time during a CISC to RISC upgrade. Up to 88% percent has been saved. PC/Accelerator will save the average CISC to RISC upgrade about 75% of object conversion time. The larger the system, the more amount of time is saved.

PAE's focus is on helping clients solve their problems. Your information management systems are tailored to the unique needs of your organization. PAE's user focus doesn't stop with customized product solutions. It's technical support team stands ready to help whenever needed, with experts in AS/400 systems.

PAE's abilities have been noticed by IBM. PAE has been part of the early ship program every since 2.1 of OS/400.

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