PC/Accelerator, Speeding Upgrades To RISC!

You can either Save Time or Waste Time!

Remember, Time is $$$

PC/Accelerator for the AS/400 PowerPC will reduce your upgrade time from 70%-90% on what IBM states in Estimate Object Conversion report.

On some systems, PC/Accelerator has reduce object conversion time by 85%. The amount is dependent on the amount of memory and the processor/model on RISC.

PC/Accelerator is 100% compliant with the Road Map and will NOT do anything to interfere with the Road Map process. It just assists the Road Map in being more efficient

PC/Accelerator is the FASTEST object conversion tool in the world.

Even the most experienced CISC to RISC conversion specialist using IBM's priority method will NOT be able to do a conversion as FAST. That means your RISC system will take longer to install.


There are 3 reason for this:

1. We have added, Automated Thread Balancer (ATB).

    The purpose of a thread balancer is to ensure that all threads/subsystems are kept converting libraries to take advantage of the processing power of your RISC system. Without ATB, some threads would run HOT while other threads/subsystems would run COLD. A HOT thread is one that executes conversions quickly and runs out of libraries to process. While, a COLD thread executes conversions slowly and still has a lot of jobs left. Libraries are moved from Cold to Hot running threads to balance workload. This movement of libraries from one thread to another will reduce the object conversion time. PAE is the only company in the world with an Automated Thread Balancer!

2. Burlesque strips libraries down into multiple little libraries.

    If a library had 7,500 programs, the Road Map method processes one program at a time. Under the PC/Accelerator's method, 10 small libraries containing 750 programs each would be processed at the same time. Simultaneous processing means that PC/Accelerator can convert libraries 10 times faster than the IBM's Enhanced Upgrade Assistant method. STRIPIT by PAE command moves programs into little libraries. UNSTRIPIT command moves the programs back into the original library after object conversion.

3. CrashAid dynamically resynchronizes of libraries if SAVCHGOBJs were used.

PC/Accelerator lets you execute one command, RCVSYSTEM, which will dynamically:

a. Restore all user profiles

b. Restore all the changed journal objects

c. Restore all the changed libraries, changed DLOs and the changed IFS file structure objects. If you had 250 changed libraries, execute one command using the PC/Accelerator method. Under the IBM method, everything is up to you to restore by hand.

Not an efficient method to say the least.

Reducing down time should be the goal of your upgrade. The amount of time saved will mean that your users will be able to perform their normal work tasks earlier.

What's New:

Perot Systems just ordered 4 more copies of PC/Accelerator. Keith Drawdy called me the other day just to say, "I love this product. It converted 130,000 objects in a little over 30 minutes. This product is amazing. Everyone should use PC/Accelerator!"

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