Features of PC/Accelerator

The most difficult obstacle to overcome in updating to the AS/400 PowerPC RISC Technology is down TIME:


PC/Accelerator(TM) a tool which reduces the amount o£ time the AS/400 manager needs in saving just before upgrade weekend. Also saving time rebuilding the system after the hardware is installed. PC/Accelerator(TM)handles all of the above with ease! PC/Accelerator(TM)for the Power PC can translate program objects at a faster rate (programs per hour) than the current method outlined in the "Road Map to Changing to PowerPC Technology". In fact, there is no other person or company in the world that can convert objects as faster. And being from New England, we will put a lobster on it.

Some of the main features listed for only $1,100 USD are:

Instead of using the inefficient method of STROBJCVN *ALLUSR and CHGPGM,PC/Accelerator(TM) will:

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