e-Spool Features:

  • Schedule saves Tape or Tapeless
  • Automated Archiving Tape or Tapeless
  • Restoring Tape or Tapeless
  • Easily move multiple Spool Files To Different output Queues or Between Networked systems Dynamically
  • Instant Retrieval from Archive

Additional Features
and Benefits:

  • Help on line reduces the need to refer to the documentation.
  • USER DEFINED TEXT may be added to the spool files list. Users can archive all spool file types, including SCS, IPDS, USERASCII and AFPDS,Tape or Tapeless.
  • e-Spool code complies the NLS coding standards.
  • Commands may be entered via job schedulers, jobstreams or encluded in a typical CLP job stream.

e-Spool is the spool file management product that provides an automated means of archiving and restoring spool files, reports from tape, savfs or from zipped files. e-Spool offers increased functionality when scheduling saves, deleting saved spool files, moving spool files, or sending spool files to networked systems automatically and tracking report locations for restore/recovery.

Saving Spool Files

The Save function allows saving one or more spool files based on the age, in days, or based on the user. Files can be further qualified by using the spool file creation date and time ranges, spool file status or number of days old. You can also save entire output queues. Spool files can also be saved to media or microfiche format for easy processing by a microfiche vendor.

Restoring Spool Files

The Restore function retrieves reports in exactly the same format they were when saved, restoring all of the spool file attributes such as the sameform type, number of copies, lines per page, original user and job name and all advanced function printing characteristics. If spool files was zipped, then spool file(s) will be immediately available to restore. Since the save was tapeless, the restore will be tapeless, thus saving valuable time in the restore process.

Sending Spool Files

e-Spool enables spool files to be sent across multiple networked AS/400s. e-Spool can be run continuously send an unlimited number of spool files to iSeries 400 systems. Totally Transparent moving of spool files between ISeries 400 Systems.

Moving Spool Files

e-Spool permits various spool files to be moved from one output queue to another on the same system or another AS/400. Spool files attached to a backlogged output queue may be moved to one that has less activity without changing each spool file individually. This increases the efficient use of system resources.

Inquiries and Reports

e-Spool prints a list of all spool files that were saved/zipped and not saved/zipped upon completion of the save process. At any time, an inquiry can be run showing all saved spooled files. selection criteria allows you to view subsets of the list.

More about e-Spool:

Simple Archiving of files

e-Spool efficient use of storage space is unmatched today by reducing spool sizes by 95-97% of their original size and its ease of use. Spool files can be placed on a save schedule plus you can easily track reports for restore/recovery purposes. e-Spoolfunctions are command driven and may be executed interactivly or in a batch mode. Thus, making e-Spool easy to use. Any and all spool files on the system can be saved with the use of one command or you can save a particular spool file(s) of particular user.

e-Spool is a spool file management tool that allows Users to manage and archive their spool files in ways not previously possible. Spool files can be archived and interchanged between systems quickly and easily. Archive methods include Tape, Savefile, and .ZIP file. By using the .ZIP option they can be sent as e-mail attachments to other locations quickly and easily. The .ZIP option is also useful for purely archive purposes as it compress spool files up to 97% while leaving them online where they can be restored instantly. Using e-Spool™, you never have to worry about your spool files as all AS/400 spool types and attributes are supported. This means your spool files will be identical to the original when recreated in all ways. Try e-Spool today and see how it simplifies your spool file management.



AS/400 security compliant

e-Spool is taylored specifically for the iSeries 400 and makes full use of OS/400 security features. Therefore, no additional security setup is required. The commands used can have authority granted or revoked to them assuring total security to value spool file data. Only the users that are authorized to access specific spooled files and output queues can save and/or restore them. Unauthorized users are prevented from accessing confidential reports on the system. The security officers profile can grant or revoke any and all IBM and e-Spool privileges to the commands. This can be done for each valid user ID resulting customization to your company needs.

Even specific options can be made available or denied to individual users depending on whether or not the user has authorization. e-Spool can only be installed using the security officer ID. The security officer can then grant the appropriate authorization to users as desired.

Fast & Efficient

The speed and efficiency of the save and restore functions are highlights of this robust product. e-Spool fully utilizes the capabilities of the AS/400 and iSeries 400. The tapeless zipped system if the most efficient method on the AS/400 today. The system writes spool files directly to tape, savf or zipped file. Zipped files use minimal amount of DASD, which distinguishes e-Spool from competing products. This saves valuable AS/400 and/or iSeries 400 resources. In addition, the high speed of save and restore zip functions reduces processing time, while using minimal DASD leaves space for other data. e-Spool can also be invoked via commands for easy implementation into production programs or a job scheduler. It can be installed in a zip.

e-Spool brings security, integrity, availability and efficiency to spool management. To experience the benefits of this product, we recommend an onsite demo of e-Spool on your own AS/400 with your own spool files. For additional information or a 30-day free trial, call PAE Inc.at (603) 548-5721.

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