Librarian Tape Management & CrashAid Download

Last Updated: June 11, 2013
Librarian Release: V5R9M5


OS/400 V5R3M0 or higher

To load Librarian or CrashAid, you should print and follow these steps:

Warning: If you are not currently on OS/400 Version 6 start here.

NOTE: When downloading use pae%029f8f9 as the User name and Paeinc44 as the password (case must match).

1. Save this file to your PC or AS/400 IFS Download here.

2. Create the directory PAE in the IFS, (i.e. CRTDIR PAE); then unzip the file PAELIB01.SAV and extract to /PAE/PAELIB01.SAV on the AS/400.

3. Create a save file on AS/400, (i.e. CRTLIB SHPINGLIBS and CRTSAVF FILE(SHPINGLIBS/PAELIB01). CRTLIB if necessary.

4. CPYFRMSTMF FROMSTMF('/pae/paelib01.sav') TOMBR('/qsys.lib/shpinglibs.lib/paelib01.file')


To Complete Install


2. Enter the command, QTEMP/SETUP. When asked for a device, enter: *SAVF, this will tell the install program to restore from the save file SHPINGLIBS/PAELIB01.

3. Follow the instructions as presented from the SETUP command, as QSECOFR.

4. If asked if you want to use UPDATESYSTEM, answer N unless you are told to do otherwise.

5. SBMJOB CMD('CALL PAELIBRARN/LREOGCL') INLLIBL(PAELIBRARN) /* this job should be run as soon as possible and it might take a long time to run */


Note: You must be logged onto your AS/400 with a User profile with the proper authority. You also might try mapping a drive to the PAE directory on the AS/400. This will save you time since you can download directly onto the AS/400.


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