OS/400 Version 6 PTF's

PAE Inc. is now running Version 6 of OS/400 to better serve you. In order to download any of the updates that have been saved on Version 6 you will need to download and install one the IBM PTFs listed below. This is only necessary for the products/updates that direct you here.

Load the appropriate PTF depending on the Version of OS/400 running on your system.


NOTE: When downloading use pae%029f8f9 as the User name and Paeinc44 as the password (case must match).

V5R3M0 (mf41354)

V5R3M5 (mf41734)

V5R4M0 (mf40520)

V5R4M5 (mf42655)


Install as directed below.

Note: xxxxx refers to the appropriate PTF number as determined by release (for example V5R3M0 = 41354).

1. Save the appropriate file to your PC or AS/400 IFS.

2. Create the directory PAE in the IFS, (i.e. CRTDIR PAE); then unzip the file and save to /PAE/QMFxxxxx.SVF on the AS/400.

3. Create a save file on AS/400, (i.e. CRTSAVF FILE(QGPL/PAEPTF).

4. CPYFRMSTMF FROMSTMF('/PAE/QMFxxxxx.svf') TOMBR('/qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/paeptf.file')


6. APYPTF LICPGM(5722999) SELECT(MFxxxxx)



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